Introducing C#/XAML for HTML5.

Today we are introducing  “C#/XAML for HTML5”, a new free extension for Visual Studio that enables developers to create cross-platform HTML5 applications exclusively using C# and XAML.

The tool is designed for the developers who use Microsoft languages and tools (C#, XAML, Visual Studio) and who would like to extend the reach of their applications to platforms other than Microsoft’s (Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox), such as Android, iOS, Mac, Chromebook, BlackBerry, and Linux.

Moreover, it is also of interest to developers who wish to create rich web applications (“single-page applications”) using C#/XAML without having to manipulate HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

More information and download can be found at:



5 thoughts on “Introducing C#/XAML for HTML5.

  1. Your job is wonderful. You will rock the world of programming. I need to know if your projects is supported by Blend or not? And how we could access mobile phone systems through c# and Xaml? Do we need references related to Android or ios? sorry I’m new in this field


    • Thanks Majid! We are working on Blend support. With the current v1.0 Beta 2, you can use Blend provided that you also create a WinRT project in the same solution as the one that contains your CSHTML5 project, and then use the “Add as link” feature of Visual Studio to share the XAML files between the two projects. That way, you can edit the XAML files in Blend (by opening them from the WinRT project) and have the changes automatically reflected in the CSHTML5 project. As far as mobile phone systems support is concerned, it is already possible to distribute your apps on iOS/Android/WP/etc (to do so, you can either use a manual method, or simply submit the generated HTML5 files to Adobe PhoneGap Build at , which is free for 1 app). We are working on the ability to interact with the hardware features (accelerometer, etc.), so please stay tuned for updates!


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