Beta 4 released! Linq, Async, DataGrid, and more!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Beta 4 of C#/XAML for HTML5!

This new version adds support for Linq, Async/Await, DataGrid, ComboBox, CheckBox, IsEnabled, HyperlinkButton, 3x faster simulator, and more.


  • If you are among the registered Beta testers (registration is free at:, you will soon receive an email titled “Beta 4 released” that contains your private download link. If you haven’t received it by Tuesday June 1th, 2015, please look inside your “Spam” folder, and if you still cannot find it, please send us an email at:


  • Async/Await
  • Linq: Any, AsEnumerable, Cast, Contains, Count, ElementAt, ElementAtOrDefault, Empty, First, FirstOrDefault, OfType, OrderBy, OrderByDescending, Range, Select, SelectMany, Sum, ToArray, ToList, and Where
  • Async HTTP calls (Pro):
    • Async SOAP WCF calls, generated using the “Add Service Reference” feature of Visual Studio
    • Async REST calls using WebClient.UploadStringTaskAsync() and WebClient.DownloadStringTaskAsync()
  • DataGrid control (Pro), with support for both read-only and editable modes, and columns of type Text, CheckBox, ComboBox, HyperlinkButton, and custom DataTemplate. See demo in showcase app.
  • ComboBox control, with support for ItemsSource and DisplayMemberPath. The ComboBox is displayed as a native HTML control, so that mobile browsers display a convenient UI when clicked.
  • IsEnabled inherited XAML property
  • 3x faster simulator, improved rendering
  • Improved TextBox (now based on <input/> tag instead of <textarea/>, unless AcceptsReturn is set to True)
  • Support for classes generated with automated tools such as Xsd2Code++, which transform XSD schemas into deserializable C# code
  • Added BasicHttpSecurity and BasicHttpSecurityMode for improved support for SSL with WCF
  • Removed the “Loading data … Done” text in the bottom-left corner of the page
  • Many bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed “Path too long” error when creating a new project
    • Fixed issue that prevented using Name=”…” instead of x:Name=”…” in XAML
    • Added support for direct text content in XAML (such as in <Button>Direct Text Content</Button>)
    • Added support for project names with dashes and spaces
    • Fixed unwanted text wrapping in buttons
    • Fixed the TextChanged event of the TextBox which was triggered on LostFocus instead of while typing
    • Improved horizontal/vertical alignment
    • Fixed an issue that prevented using “ElementName” to bind to an element defined later in the XAML
    • Fixed an issue that prevented binding to a property defined in a user control
    • Added String.Join(string, IEnumerable<string>)
    • Fixed default appearance of buttons in the xaml designer
    • Fixed Stack<T> issues
    • Fixed cast from object to bool
    • Improved reliability of Border.Thickness and UIElement.Visibility
    • Improved Debug.WriteLine()
    • Improved System.Reflection support

You can check out the updated online Sample Showcase app for new demos. Please keep voting for your most wanted features at

We hope you will enjoy this release. Please send us as much feedback as possible to: or by posting on the forums ( ).

Happy coding!
The C#/XAML for HTML5 Team


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