Beta 5 released! Documentation, IsolatedStorage, Regex…

We are pleased to announce the release of the Beta 5 of C#/XAML for HTML5!

This new version adds support for Documentation, IsolatedStorage, Regex, Test-on-Mobile-Devices, ListBox, and much more.


  • If you are among the registered Beta testers (registration is free at:, you will soon receive an email titled “Beta 5 released” that contains your private download link. If you haven’t received it by October 1th, 2015, please look inside your “Spam” folder, and if you still cannot find it, please send us an email at:


  • Documentation (work in progress)
  • IsolatedStorageFile and IsolatedStorageSettings
  • Test-on-Mobile-Devices: a local web server lets you easily test apps on mobile devices
    To use this feature, follow these steps:

    1. Start your project. This will launch the Simulator.
    2. Click “Final version”
    3. Click “Test on Mobile Devices”
  • ListBox control
  • Regular expressions (Replace, Match, IsMatch, Escape, Unescape)
  • Improved DataGrid: support for single and multiple selection
  • Much improved TextBox control
  • IsHitTestVisible
  • UIElement.TransformToVisual(…) to get the X,Y coordinates of a control
  • GeneralTransform.TransformPoint(…)
  • Border.Padding
  • UIElement.Opacity
  • ActualWidth and ActualHeight
  • KeyDown and KeyUp events
  • TabIndex
  • Guid.Parse(…)
  • Control.Focus(…)
  • Enums support in WCF / SOAP (Pro)
  • TextBox/TextBlock.TextAlignment
  • TextBox.TextDecorations: Underline, Overline, Strikethrough
  • HttpBindingBase properties: MaxBufferSize, MaxBufferPoolSize, MaxReceivedMessageSize
  • Default font is now Segoe UI
  • Colors now support alpha channel (transparency)
  • Simulator now displays the number of DOM elements (“Stats” button)
  • Bug fixes:
    • When a Grid contained multiple children in a single row and column, only the topmost child could be clicked
    • DataGrid items could not be set after the control was added to the visual tree
    • On system with Large Fonts (or high DPI), the Simulator had display issues
    • Strings were not escaped when serialized to XML
    • ImageSource could not be set to “https” URLs
    • Checkbox could not be checked programmatically
    • 3rd party libraries such as ArgGIS mapping control were not displayed correctly
    • HorizontalAlignment did not work properly on TextBlock and some other controls
    • “Number Expected” error with Int64 under IE
    • “Invalid Cast Exception” when using the DataContract attribute
    • Compilation error when sgen.exe was located in a directory that contained spaces
    • “Null Reference Exception” when a dependency property was created without any metadata
    • Thickness could not be declared with only 2 values in XAML
    • Improved ScrollViewer control
    • Improved Simulator reliability
    • Other minor fixes. If you find other issues, please contact us at

Check out the updated Showcase app for new demos of IsolatedStorage, ListBox, Regular Expressions, multiple selection in DataGrid, and more.

The sample application (beta) is now also on the Apple AppStore and on Android Google Play! If you have an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can check it out.

Visual Studio 2015 support is coming before the end of the year (see the roadmap). Please be sure to vote for your most wanted features on UserVoice.

Happy coding!
The C#/XAML for HTML5 Team


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