Beta 6 released! VS 2015, ICommand, MediaElement…

We are pleased to announce the release of the Beta 6 of C#/XAML for HTML5!

This new version adds support for Visual Studio 2015, ICommand, MediaElement, Drag & Drop, and much more.


  • If you are among the registered Beta testers (registration is free at:, you should have received an email titled “Beta 6 released” that contains your private download link. If you haven’t received it, please look inside your “Spam” folder, and if you still cannot find it, please send us an email at:


  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 and C# 6 (except for the “dynamic” keyword, which is required for C#/JS interop, “JSIL.Verbatim.Expression”, etc. – We expect it to be fixed in early 2016).
  • Support for ICommand, and added “Command” and “CommandParameter” properties to the Button control, for MVVM binding of events
  • MediaElement control (both audio-only and audio/video). Please check out the sample showcase application for demos.
  • RadioButton control
  • Support for DropShadowEffect
  • X,Y coordinates in pointer events
  • PointerEntered and PointerExited
  • Cursor property
  • Pointer.CapturePointer
  • Support for “BasedOn” property for Styles
  • Support for databinding in Style setters, which is particularly useful to implement “themes” in your app. Example of use: <Setter Property=”Background” Value=”{Binding MainBackgound, Source={StaticResource MyThemeProvider}}”
  • Ability to change styles at runtime
  • Support for: Collection.Count, DateTime.Hour, DateTime.Minute, DateTime.Second, Type.GenericTypeArguments, Type.GetMember, IList.Clear, IList.Count, and IList.Remove
  • Implemented Char.ToString, as well as the “ToString” method of other classes
  • Added design-time verification of the project references, so that if a reference is missing or is unsupported, you get a warning at design-time rather that at compile-time
  • Added demos for MediaElement, RadioButton, “Drag and Drop”, and “Regex Playground” to the Showcase sample application
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed issue where removing a control from the visual tree and adding it back resulted in the events no longer be raised
    • Fixed issue related to Grid that prevented its children from inheriting the DataContext of the parent of their parent. Fixes data binding inside Grid (see corresponding forum topic)
    • Fixed WCF issues related to “Serialization Assemblies Generator” (Sgen.exe)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented using “DataGrid.Items.Add” if the DataGrid was already in the visual tree
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented clearing or removing items from the DataGrid
    • Fixed Regex issues and improved support for capture Groups
    • Fixed issue where changing the ItemsSource of a control such as the ListBox caused an exception when selecting a new element
    • Fixed “Not a legal OleAut date” issue on some systems that are in a non-English language
    • Improved ObservableCollection<T>
    • Improved XmlSerializationReader and XmlSerializationWriter
    • Improved XML deserialization
    • Other minor fixes. If you find other issues, please contact us at

Check out the updated Showcase app for new demos of MediaElement, Drag and Drop, Regex Playground, and more.

Please be sure to vote for your most wanted features on UserVoice.

Happy coding!
The C#/XAML for HTML5 Team


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